Feb 12, 2009

Reader Distribution

School Campuses
St. Ambrose University, Augustana College, Western Illinois University, Scott Community College, Black Hawk College, Palmer College of Chiropractic, all area high schools, Capri College, Hamilton Tech, Kaplan University and more.
Hotels and Visitor Centers
Nearly all area hotels and motels including both Radissons, Steeplegate Inn, Jumers Hotel & Casino, The Isle Hotel & Casino, plus 3 QCCVB Visitor’s Centers, the Quad City International Airport and more.
Grocery and Convenience Stores
Hy-Vee, Schnucks, Greatest Grains, Freight House Farmers’ Market, Heritage Natural Foods, Hagen’s BP Amocos, Mother Hubbard’s Cupboards and more.
Service and Retail Stores
Barnes & Noble, Salon Luce, Co-Op Records, Active Endeavors, Charm Boutique, Hiland Toyota, The Wine Cellar, Hickey Brothers Hookah Lounge, Rites of Passage Tattoos, Gold’s Gym, Five Star Salon, K&K Hardware, City Line Plaza and more.
Civic and Performance Venues
i wireless Center, Family Museum, public libraries, college libraries, Circa ‘21, The Establishment Theatre, Adler Theatre/RiverCenter, Putnam Museum, Figge Art Museum, Quad City YMCA (all locations), Playcrafters, QCCA Expo and more.
Medical and Office Buildings 
Genesis Hospitals, Eye Surgeons Associates, Trinity Hospitals, Palmer Clinic, THE National Bank, Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center, US Bank Buildings, Ascentra, Family Credit Union, City Halls and more.
Restaurants and Bars
The Hungry Hobo, The Faithful Pilot, Bud’s Skyline Inn, The Crane & Pelican, The Red Crow Grille, Kelly’s Irish Pub, Antonella’s, Cafe Fresh, Theo’s Java Club, Blue Cat Brew Pub, Front Street Brewery, Bennigan’s, Exotic Thai, Azteca, 11th Street Precinct, Old Chicago, Ross’ Restaurant and more.

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